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Constructive Interference Circus

About The Company

Women-led contemporary circus.


Creating fresh acts and shows.

Bringing innovation to circus arts. 

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Our Story

Constructive Interference is a company created by Eliana Perlmutter, Mara Rico, Meghan McClure, and Sequoia Allen. Each member brings their own experience to the group from dance pole, gymnastics, partner dance, traditional and contemporary circus. The four producers met in 2021 during the Elements Training Program at The Circus Project. Creating their end of year show formed a bond between them and a passion to continue creating together. Bringing their backgrounds together creates a unique style to their shows. "Transatlanticism: A Circus Tribute" is their first production. 

Meet The Team


American Circus Alliance

American Circus Educators

American Youth Circus Organization

Alberta Rose Theater

AWOL Dance Collective

Echo Theater Company

Flying Gravity Circus

National Association of Intercollegiate Gymnastics Clubs

New England Center for Circus Arts

Polaris Dance Theater

Tempos Contemporary Circus

The Circus Project

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