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Circus Artist

Meghan has been performing for over ten years both as part of a company and independently. She has performed in theaters, on street corners, at festivals, in staged performances, improv, and strolling gigs. Her specialty areas are juggling, trapeze, tumbling, and tight wire. 



Meghan's background and use of dance brings a new and unique style to her dance/juggling pieces. 


Partner/Solo Acrobatics

As a gymnast Meghan uses her tumbling skills, both power and contemporary, in her circus acts.

She is enthusiastic about group work including partner acrobatics and contact improvisation. 


Dance Trapeze

Between her love of exploration and thrill, Meghan's trapeze pieces are a mix of intricate pathways and acrobatic skill.


Site Specific

Meghan believes that circus belongs on more than just the stage. She loves exploring new spaces to find what stories they have to tell and how they can be told through circus and dance. 


Tight Wire

Tight wire was Meghan's first circus love, and while it is not her current specialty she loves exploring and performing on the wire. 


Meghan started teaching circus arts at age 16 for local summer camps. Since then she has directed camps, after school programs, and coached kids, adults, and pre-professional classes. 

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