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Transatlanticism: A Circus Tribute, is a multidisciplinary ensemble circus performance set for the 20th anniversary of the album Transatlanticism, by Death Cab for Cutie. Created by the newly organized contemporary circus company, Constructive Interference, this ensemble show explores the themes of platonic love, nostalgia, and friendship. Merging these elements with a variety of ensemble aerial, juggling, and acrobatics, this show will focus on a group of friends telling stories, playing games and celebrating each other’s existence. The incredible cast includes emerging artists whose dynamism you won’t want to miss, in partnership with experienced veterans of the Portland circus scene who will knock your socks off with their versatility and artistry!


Couldn't see the show live? Catch the video premier on July 15th 4pmPST/7pmEST. 

Watch on July 15th or stream on your own time. Video will be available until July 29th!

Tickets: Sliding scale donation $0-$20 to our GoFundMe


The aspiration of this show is to create something as a whole, rather than a set of pieces. While there are group and solo acts, each piece blends into the next to further the theme just as the songs blend together on the album. The show starts by reuniting a group of good friends in a living room where the rest of the performance will take place. From there a game of tag and hide and seek is played on the aerial fabric, followed by reminiscing about the past through the medium of cyr wheel. A comedic tiny lyra piece brings us back to the present just in time to play an upbeat game of “The floor is lava” navigating through the living room furniture and aerial equipment. As tiredness sets in, two friends remember a summer fling on duo lyra and one mourns the departure of a friend living abroad alluding to the theme “Transatlanticism” on trapeze. In the early hours of the night there is an unexpected visit from an old partner which brings back an intense and heated conversation in the form of club passing, after which the visitor vanishes into the darkness. As the night draws to a close, the eight friends gather together on the couch to give into their tiredness and succumb to the sweet taste of sleep.

Producers and Cast Members


The funds from this GoFundMe will be used for:

  • Rehearsal space: Consistent rehearsal times with the whole ensemble is crucial for group creation.

  • Performance venue: Performance rental fee to ensure we have a venue that fits our show.

  • Tech Crew: Hiring lighting technicians, sound operators, stage managers and more helping hands to make this performance run smoothly

  • Costumes: Curating and creating the best outfits for each performer to wear that fits our theme. 

  • Props: Collecting a couch, chair, and table that are able to hold acrobats as we flip, balance, and jump. 

  • Marketing materials: hiring photographers and graphic designers to create posters and marketing materials to promote our show. 

  • Artists: Compensation for the artists and producers who have put in countless hours and made sacrifices to create this artistic vision. 

Transatlanticism: A Circus Tribute, is going to be launched in June 2023! And we are already dreaming of taking it on tour in the Pacific Northwest. Please spread the word, share on your social media, and otherwise support our dream. Help us grow as Portland's newest contemporary ensemble circus!! Thank you for your help. We are so grateful for your support turning this vision into a circus-y reality!

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Photography Credits: Michael Hauser, Tamra Lynn Photography, Mosspaw Photography, Jacki Ward, Carly Forrest photography

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